Sunday, June 29, 2008


There are many wonderful opportunities for Girl Scout Troop field trips/outings in Framingham, MetroWest, Boston, Worcester, Eastern Massachusetts Council area, and Cetral Massachusetts Council area. (As this Web site grows, lists of Field Trip/outings areas for each area will be created.)

The Eastern Massachusetts Council partners with several museums and organization to offer special outings. Check this site often for these postings.

When booking a field trip or an outing for your Troop, make sure to collect permission slips for each child. Keep safety wise ratios in mind (adult & child ratio).

Many Council events limit the number of adults who can attend a sponsored outing.

Also any adult who attends as a chaperone, must be a registered volunteer with Girl Scouts.

Troop leaders are also required to file a Troop Activity (TAR) application. Make sure to file the application at least a week before the event/outing. Not filling timely may result in a non-approval.

Most field trips/outings require each Troop to have a first aider; some may require a troop camper and a lifeguard.


sarah lee said...

I don't believe in outing people. It's up to the
individual, but there's nothing wrong putting the pressure on. See the link below for more info.


Leslie Lim said...

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