Sunday, November 9, 2008


Council programs and forms:
Town website:

Next meeting = Dec. 2: Agenda to include – Cookie University

Nov. 4th Meeting
Introductions/Attendance: 14 leaders/volunteers present
Fall Registration:
all troops who have not yet registered must contact Deb at dbrisbois6@... – remember if your troop is not registered they are not allowed to meet or sell cookie.
Fall Product Sales: (Candy & magazines) Brownie Troop 2082 participated and felt it went very well they made just over $130 for their troop
Cookies: Daisies may sell cookies starting this year. “Cookie University” will be held at the Plymouth Church at the Dec 2 meeting – you must send a parent volunteer to this meeting to pick up your troop supplies and receive the most up to date information – Helena needs your cookie parent information by this date, remember – if your troop is not registered they are not allowed to sell cookies, Helena = helenasic@...
Roller skating Party: Thank you Missy for another very successful event, about 100 girls participated
Tree Lighting Event: Friday, December 12 estimated time 6 pm (song list to be posted to share with yoru troop) Please get your troop # and # of girls attending to Nancy no later than Dec 1 at nasolomon@... Remember this is a public event, so all families are also welcome to go.
Library Display – Colleen Burnham has done a wonderful window display at the library, take a look!
Leader Email List – list of all leaders in town with their contact information was handed out, extra copies in the forms box at the church, apologies for any incorrect information or missed leaders, please let Mary Ann know ASAP so it may be corrected at masager5@...
Review of Required Forms – an informal over view of the new Girl Scout levels and organization of Girl Scouts in the United States was given, forms are available on line by going to: – go to “volunteer,” then to “resources – forms and documents”
Girl Scout organizational structure in this country:
National Level – GSUSA = Girl Scouts of the Unites States of America
Regional Level – GSEM = Girl Scouts of Eastern Massachusetts
Town Level – Framingham SU = Framingham Service Unit
Troop Level = individual troops
Juliettes = individual girls
Required troop documentation:
Girl and Adult Registration Forms
– completed annually with $10 dues which goes to National
Membership Dues Summary – completed annually and handed in by troop leader with the registrations to complete the troops registration for the year
Annual Girl Permission Form – completed annually, includes emergency and medical information
Activity Permission Form – completed when the troop meets away from their usual location (i.e. outings, trips)
Troop Activity Form – some people commonly refer to this as the “TAR” (not sure why) – this may be completed on line when ever the troop is meeting outside their usual location (i.e. outings, trips – including council programs), you must send it 2 weeks ahead for most activities and at least 4 weeks ahead for activities requiring additional certified trained adults (i.e. horse back riding, swimming)
End of the year forms (Troop Financial Reports, etc) will be reviewed in the spring
Required adult documentation - each adult volunteering for your troop is encouraged to complete the following:
Volunteer Application – completed one time
Volunteer Agreement – completed one time
CORI – criminal background check – completed every 5 years
FYI – the Safety Wise book is being updated, there is a supplement currently available on line in the documents section, it is encouraged that you print a copy and keep it with your book
Council Programs – presented by Sheila Bestick from GSEM, the following is a list of programs they are promoting to get the numbers up and avoid their being cancelled:
Nov 11 & 14 – Spa Girls – for 6th grade girls
Jan 10 – Solar Car Race Day – 6th grade and up
Dec 6 – Animal Adventure in Waltham – Brownies, 2 sessions: 10-12noon or 12:30-2:30pm
Nov 15 or Dec 6 – Program Aide Core Training – older girls
Check the GSEM website for registration information.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Girl Scout Night at Roller Kingdom!

More than 100 girls from 14 Framingham Girl Scout Troops participated in the annual roller skating night at Roller Kingdom in Hudson last night. (Thanks Missy for organizing!)
The event celebrates Girl Scout founder Juliette Low's birthday, which is on Halloween.
About two dozen girls participated in karaoke and many troops celebrated the event with cupcakes or cake.
Each girl who attended will receive a participation patch. They will be distributed Tuesday night at the leaders meeting.
Troops that participated included: #2151, #2134, #2147, #2086, #2078, #2087, #2148, #2163, #2082, #2170, #2171, #2077, #2076, and #2074.
Below is a slide show of photos.
(Leaders feel free to submit more photos to the slide show.)