Monday, September 15, 2008


Place: St. Bridget School Hall, Worcester Road (Route 9) Eastbound, Framingham, MA
Date: Sunday, Octoter 5
Time: 1:30-4:30 p.m.
Who: All Girl Scout Levels
Cost: $6 per Brownie or Junior (covers cost of Participation Patch and supplies)
$3 per Daisy (covers cost of Participation Patch and supplies)
Cadettes and Seniors who volunteer are fee and will receive a Participation Patch
Adults are free
Contact Person for the event: Mary Ann Sager at 508-872-4989
Deadline to register & pay: Sept. 26

Badge Workshops: (once earned, badges may be purchased separately at the Girl Scout store)
Brownie = Science in Action Try-It (all requirements can be met at the workshop)
Junior = Science Discovery Badge (all requirements can be met at the workshop)
All levels = I Promised a Girl Scout I’d Vote patch (some requirements will be met at the workshop)

Participation Patch: all girls attending will receive a Participation Patch design TBA

1:30-1:40 Announcements, Girl Scout Promise
1:40-4:15 Workshops set up at tables, possible breaks taken for speakers TBA
4:15-4:30 Election results, Clean up

Volunteer Opportunity: We are looking for about 20 volunteers: Adults, Seniors, Cadettes, and 6th grade Juniors (who have already earned the badge(s) offered) to come and help at the various workstations. All volunteers need to arrive promptly at 1pm.

NOTE: We ask that no food be brought into the hall. There will be a variety of chemicals and we do not want anyone to become sick. Girls are free to bring their own water bottles.
One town-wide Troop/Service Unit Activity Application will be sent for this event.
This page briefly summarizes the workshops planned. Information was taken from the Brownie Try-It book, the Junior Badge book, and on the council Web site for the “I promised a Girl Scout I would Vote” patch.

Brownie Try-It = Science in Action (pg. 126)
Science and Technology Hunt
– give a list of things to find in the room that show how science and technology go together (i.e. things of plastic, from trees) – discuss how science and technology work together
Weird Glop – observe the difference between solid/liquid/gas, discuss how some things can be only one or all these (i.e. water)
Balloon Blowing – they will blow up a balloon without using their own breath - with baking soda and vinegar – discuss how that works
Butterfly of Many Colors – ink in black felt tip pen is made from chemicals of different colors, mixed together these colors look black, discuss how you can see the different colors

Junior Badge = Science Discovery (pg. 200)
Chemical Appearing Act – discover how you can use a chemical reaction to make an artistic design, sometimes when chemicals react with each other colors change
Light and Reflection – make a simple kaleidoscope – which relies on reflected light to create its special effects
Water Tricks – why does the needle float, how many drops of water can you get to stay on the penny, what happens when soap meets the skin of water molecules on the penny and why
See What? – how is your brain challenged by optical illusions
Here’s the Rub – discover how speed is affected by friction, how can you use what you learned when riding in a car or riding on your bike
Become a Scientist – more men enter fields of science and technology then women do, talk to a female scientist and find out: how she got interested in her field, who encouraged her to pursue science, where does she get information, which people are most supportive to her in her job

“I Promised a Girl Scout I’d Vote” Patch (council Web site)
Voter Registration – Who is eligible, how do you register, what are the requirements? Make posters to encourage voters to register. Encourage family members to register. Fill out a voter registration form.
Get Out the Vote – Where do you vote, what is an absentee ballot? Go with your parents to the polls and see the voting machine. Take “I Promised a Girl Scout I’d Vote” stickers and hand them out before the election. Make thank you cards to hand out on election day. Why is voting so important in your troop?
The Election Process – What are the political parties in our country, which party does each candidate belong to? What are the qualities of a good leader? Get a ballot and vote for your choice and see who wins.
Our Government at Work – Who are the elected officials in our town, how can you contact them, how does a bill become a law, what is our state bug?

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