Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Early Bird Spring Registration Deadline is June 15

The spring registrations are starting to come in!
Thanks to all the leaders who have already registered.
To those of you who have yet to get the registrations in to me---What are you waiting for? :) Remember the fall will be SO much easier getting up and started if your troop is already registered.
My Girl Scout bin is out front by the basketball hoop. I'm usually home so feel free to ring the doorbell and drop it off.
If you have any questions AT ALL please email or call me! (E-mail works better but I will call you back, if you call.) No question is dumb. I'm here to help.
The Award of First Troop to Register goes to troop 72172 who not only got the registrations in first but turned them before June! Thanks to Kim McCarthy and Colleen Hildreth!
Let's see if Framingham can be 100% registered by June 15!
Deb Brisbois
Framingham Girl Scout Registrar

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