Thursday, August 28, 2008

Maria Mitchell Aquarium on Nantucket Offers Girl Scout Programs


Beside Try-it programs for Brownies, the Nantucket Aquarium also offers many non-badge programs for all Girl Scout levels.

Brownie Try-Its: Eco-Explorers, Science Wonders, Senses, Watching Wildlife, Water Everywhere, & Space Explorer
Non Badge Programs
Night Discovery: Spend the evening with one of our naturalists to discover the mystery of the night. We’ll do some experiments, learn about nocturnal animals and become more comfortable in the dark.
Marine Ecology Walk: Come and explore the shore. Scouts will be able to collect marine animals using several different methods, identify the creatures and learn about their natural history. (May-September only)
Our Cosmic Neighborhood: Join us for the exploration of our cosmic neighbors. We’ll investigate the planets of our solar system and comets. Scouts will get a tour of Loines Observatory and if the weather cooperates get to view the skies with our telescope.
Getting Ready for Winter: Learn how different animals get ready for the cold. Discover which mammals truly hibernate and conduct an experiment to test the effects of hibernation. (December-February only)
Fossil Fun: Brachiopods, horn corals, bryozoans and more. Find out what a fossil is, make one and then we’ll search for some.
Home Tweet Home: Discover different types of nesting habitats and how birds build detailed nests using their beaks and feet. Then, make your own nest!
Dirty Water: Can you save a pond from pollution? Learn about water pollution and the clean up procedure. Each student will have a pond that they will need to keep clean.
Track It!: Learn what signs animals leave behind. Make a track and play a game that will put your detective skills to work!
Amazing Amphibian: Learn to identify these amazing creatures, through physical characteristics, sounds and hands-on discovery!
Wildlife CSI: Become a wildlife detective by solving a wildlife crime while learning about the natural histories of local animals.
WWE Wildlife Adaptations: To win the WWE students will have to create their own super animal! Each group will have to “buy” adaptations for their animal in order to compete in the habitat battles.
Grossology: Investigate the human body through “gross” experiments.
Spider and Insect Ecology: Come and discover these amazing creatures! We'll grab our insect nest and learn how to collect and identify common spider and insects found through out the island!(May-Oct)
What's in a Tidal Pool?: We'll explore the shore while learning what creatures are found in Nantucket's tidal pools.
Wicked Big Puddles: Put on your wellies and come and explore vernal pools. We'll net critters and view them under microscopes, all while learning the importance of these environments. (April-Sept)

Group Pricing Nantucket Off Island
1 hour program $65 $95

2 hour program $100 $140

3 hour program $175 $225

All program prices are based on a 1 to 15 student MMA teacher ratio. All programs can be conducted in one hour.

To schedule a program please call Darcie Vallant, Director of Education at 508-228-9198 or email.

Looking for a place to stay while on island? We offer housing for groups up to 20. The rate is $25 per person per night. Call 508-228-9198 to book now!

Museum Passes:
Have your group visit all the museums at your leisure. Purchase a four punch pass good for one visit to each site:

Maria Mitchell Aquarium, 28 Washington Street

Natural Science Museum at Hinchman House, 7 Milk Street

Vestal Street Observatory, 1 Vestal Street

Historic Mitchell House, 1 Vestal Street

Available at all sites $10 adult/$8 children

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