Friday, January 2, 2009


Cookie sale time is now through January 16th: During this time your daughter may sell to family, friends, neighbors, team mates, teachers, your coworkers etc...
When your daughter sells in person remember:
* Always have adult supervision. Be safe!
* One box of cookies is $4
* Money is due upon DELIVERY of cookies, not at time of sale
* Wear your vest over your jacket to show that you are a Girl Scout - and proud of it!
* Troop earns $.60 per box sold.
* Self confidence is developed as girls practice selling cookies to familiar adults.
Why sell Girl Scout Cookies?
Girls can earn the 2009 Cookie Activity Pin to wear on your vest.
Other cookie sale incentive prizes include: bracelet kit, plush pony, t-shirt, and more!
Troop Award: When every girl in a troop sells at least 12 boxes of cookies the troop will earn a special Troop Journal scrapbook.

Cookies are expected to arrive in early February
Money is due in mid-March
Prizes are expected to arrive in late May.

Leaders with any cookie questions, should contact the yahoo group & Helene
Parents with any questions should contact their troop leader.

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