Friday, January 9, 2009

Girl Scout Leader january 2009 Meeting Summary

Introductions/Attendance: 6 leaders/volunteers present
Cookies: “Cookie University” was held at the Plymouth Church at the Dec 2 meeting, questions/concerns to Helena. Delivery date is scheduled for Tues, Feb 10 at St George Hall. Helena will send out an e-mail the week before with your troop’s scheduled pick up time, remember “many hands make for light work” any volunteers that sign up to help that morning will be able to take their cookies first
Bridging: Discussion on Bridging to be held at the next meeting due to low attendance, we will ask a council representative to attend and explain any new criteria/suggestions for Bridging in light of the newly instituted Girl Scout levels
Troop #’s: You will notice that with the merge of councils and our new council name = Girl Scouts of Eastern Mass we also have an adjustment to our troop numbers. Previously the numbers were 4 digits, to be sure there are no duplicates since the merge any troops in the old “Patriot’s Trail Council” will now have a “7” to start their troop number.
So if your troop number was “2125” it will now be noted as “72125”
Each leader may decide whether to add the extra 7 to the uniform or not, but please when contacting the council, especially at registration time please do note your NEW troop number.
Library Display: Nancy is going to try and get March for the Girl Scout display, she expects it may not be until 2010
Girl Scout Sunday (Details to post on this Web site soon)
Please contact Mary Ann if your girls are interested in attending to reserve a pew with your troop number, helpers = Altar Servers, Readers, Gift Bearers, and Door Greeters are needed and are assigned on a first come first serve basis.
next Meeting: Tuesday, Feb. 3 at 7 p.m. at Plymouth Church

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