Saturday, September 12, 2009


Town Web site:
Leaders can register for Yahoo Group by contacting Carolyn Limeri below.

Council Contacts: Girl Scouts of Eastern Massachusetts
1-866-268-8652 or
Lou Ann Kelly =

Service Unit Contacts:
Town Coordinator
= Nancy Solomon at 508-788-1070 or
(Nancy is stepping down and the Service Unit is looking for a new coordinator for Sept. 2010)
Registrar = Deb Brisbois at 508-405-1211 or
(Deb is stepping down and the Service Unit is looking for a new Registrar for Sept. 2010)
Troop Organizer = Lauren Fawell at
Secretary = Mary Ann Sager at 508-872-4989 or
Yahoo Group Coordinator = Carolyn Limeri at 508-877-4215 or
Treasurer = Mary Ayotte
Program Liaison = Grace Burke 508-877-3818
Adult Recognition = Pat Aulenbach at 508-533-6510 or and Paula Brackett at 508-877-2478 or
Cookie Chair = Helena Siciliano at 508-877-7902 or
Town-wide Encampment = position is open
Family Partnership = position is open
Media Manager = Susan Scully Petroni at
Area Association Delegates = Connie Miles at 508-624-6382 or and 1 other opening
Event Coordinators = assigned to specific events throughout the year
Supplies Storage (flags, etc) = Lauren Fawell (see above)
Library Display = Nancy Solomon (see above)

If you are interested in volunteering for a position with the town, please feel free to
contact the Town Coordinator or Secretary

UPDATED ON Nov 5, 2009

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