Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Danforth Museum of Art in Framingham Offers Badge Workshops for Scouts


The Danforth Museum of Art in Framingham offers several art workshops for all Scout levels that follow the guidelines for badges listed in the Girl Scout Handbook.
Each workshop runs for two hours and can be tailored to meet your troop's needs.
Mural projects for special events also can be done during Girl Scout Workshops.
Some examples of badges that can be worked on at the Danforth are:
Try-Its for Brownies
Art to Wear
Colors and Shapes
Puppets, Dolls & Plays
Junior Badges
The Dabbler
Art in the Round
Ceramics and Clay
Drawing and Painting
Prints and Graphics
Textiles and Fibers
Senior Interest Projects
Artistic Crafts
Just Jewelry
Museum Discovery
Paper Works
Textile Arts
Visual Arts
COST: A 2-hour hour Badge Workshop, including instruction by a qualified Museum School teacher and all art supplies, is $135. The price includes up to 10 children. Each additional child is $10.
There is a $20 Clay Workshop surcharge.
T-shirts are available for $3 each
To Schedule a Workshop: First call the Museum School at 508.620.0937 to set up a tentative date and time and to discuss workshop possibilities. Once this is done, a leader will need to complete a form confirming the workshop, and then make a credit card payment or send a check to Danforth Museum of Art, 123 Union Avenue, Framingham, 01702-8291.
For more information on the Museum visit:

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