Sunday, October 5, 2008

Science & Voting Workshop a Success!!

More than 60 Girl Scouts (Daisy, Brownie, & Junior) participated in today's Science & Voting workshop at St. Bridget School Hall.
Girls who attended earned a special science participation patch. (See slide show below for a photo of it.)
The Daisy, Brownie & Junior Scouts also completed the necessary steps to earn a special voting patch (Individual troops need to purchase this from Council).
Brownie Scouts earned the Science in Action Try-It today. (Again, each troop must purchase these Try-its.) Juniors earned the Science Discovery Badge today (These badges will need to be purchased by the troop, too.)
Thanks to Framingham Town Clerk Valerie Mulvey for speaking to the girls today. (She is a former Girl Scout.)
Below are a few photos from today's event. (Please click on View All Images to see full photo image.)

Thanks also to Representative Pam Richardson (who sent brochures/pamphlets about the voting process) and Congressman Ed Markey (who provided attendees with a copy of the U.S. Constitution.)

FYI - the Girl Scout vote for President went to Senator Obama. It was a close race. 44 votes for Obama and 40 votes for Senator McCain.
Special thank you to Mary Ann Sager for organizing this town-wide Framingham girl scout event!

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