Thursday, October 16, 2008


All leader meetings this year to be held the first Tuesday of the month at the Plymouth Church.

Next meeting: Nov 4:
Agenda to include: Leader e-mail list available, leader documentation review

October 7th: 12 leaders/volunteers present

Town-wide Encampment: event held Sept 19-21 at Camp Cedar Hill, Waltham – fabulous weather, about 80 girls from 10 troops went, Brownies earned “Art to Wear” and “Safety First” Try-Its; Juniors earned “Art to Wear” and “First Aid” badges, all girls received an encampment patch – HUGE thank you to Helena for organizing and running such a successful weekend event!
Spring Registration: Early Bird patches – we are having trouble locating the patches, once they are located we will put them in the troop folders at the church and send out an e-mail. Each troop that registered in the spring also earned a “one free admission to Town Sponsored Event” coupon which was given out at the meeting or placed in your folder.

Free Swap Night – at the meeting, lots of goodies were displayed and leaders helped themselves, we will do it again at a future meeting

Oct. 5 Science and Voting Workshop – 72 girls from 10 troops participated in the event, the Brownies earned their “Science in Action” Try-it and the Juniors earned their “Science Discovery” badge, all girls earned the “I Promised a Girl Scout I’d Vote” patch and all girls attending received a GS Science Fun patch, the girls had a great time and Valerie Mulvey from the town’s clerk office was wonderful!

Girl Scout Levels – the council is in the process of reassigning Girl Scout levels as per the direction of Girl Scouts USA, we have been told that this is an “adjustment year” and the current troops may choose to use the old or new level rules.
The new levels are:
Daisy = Kindergarten and 1st Grade
Brownie = 2nd and 3rd Grade
Junior = 4th and 5th Grade
Cadette = 6th, 7th, and 8th Grade
Senior = 9th and 10th Grade
Ambassadors (new level) = 11th and 12th Grade.
Any questions contact Framingham Service Unit Members

Fall Registration: all troops who have not yet registered must now send in their “complete” registrations to Deb – deadline = no later than Oct. 20. Remember only troops that are registered may meet and sell cookies – if your troop is not listed below you are NOT registered:

These troops ARE REGISTERED: 2078, 2082, 2086, 2087, 2091, 2092, 2094, 2102, 2116, 2125, 2134, 2148, 2151, 2161, 2163, 2164, 2165, 2166, 2170, 2171, 2172, 2174

Registration packets are in troop folders at the Plymouth Church, if you picked up your packet last spring that is the one you should use – there is only ONE packet per year per troop.

Registration nights for NEW Girls: this is only for new girls to Girl Scouts and not for existing girls or troops = Oct. 14 from 7-9pm at First United Methodist Church and Saturday, Oct. 25 from 9-11 a.m. in Costing Room at the Framingham Public Library – Main Branch

Fall Product Sales: troops may choose to participate in the fall sales of magazines, Nuts, and Candy, contact the council for more information

Cookies: Daisies may sell cookies starting this year. “Cookie University” will be held at the Plymouth Church at the Dec. 2 meeting – you must send a parent volunteer to this meeting to pick up your troop supplies and receive the most up to date information – Helena needs your cookie parent information by this date, remember – if your troop is not registered they are not allowed to sell cookies

Banking: now that the council has formally changed names and has a new non-profit tax ID number, troop leaders must update the troop’s bank information. Contact the council = Membership Program Office at 781-893-6113 X 237 ask for Laverne Bridge Daly, to get the proper documentation to bring to your bank. This was supposed to be done by Sept 30, 2008 – so please contact the council ASAP if you have not already.

Star Troop: The Eastern Massachusetts Council is not sponsoring a Star Troop program this year

Roller skating Party: Deadline to register is Monday, Oct. 20. Event is Saturday, Nov 1 from 5:30-7:30 at Roller Kingdom in Hudson - $4 per scout. ($3 for rental that night) Contact Missy with any questions

Girl Scout Dance – Bonnie-Jean Rowe and her troop are working out the details for a possible older girl dance (grades 6 and up) for March 2009, she is looking for any help on suggestions for locations, please contact her for questions/suggestions/ideas

Parent/Leader Talents – the town service unit would like to put together a list of “talent." We are looking for adults (leaders, parents, grandparents, friends, aunts, uncles, etc) who would be willing to share their talent/experiences (scientists, doctors, nurses, artists, musicians, engineers, hair stylists, chefs, mechanics, lawyers, etc) with troops in town at troop meetings or at service unit events – if you are or you know of someone who would be interested please contact Mary Ann

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