Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Junior Car Care Badge Workshop Available in Framingham

Thanks to Troop leader Colleen Burnham for forwarding this FREE Junior Scout badge workshop information:

Dimidis & Sons Auto Service (12 Watson Place in Framingham) would like to offer an educational activity to the Framingham Girl Scouts Troops.
Our Basic Auto Repair workshop would be perfect for Scouts ages 8 and up who want to learn the basics of auto care and fulfill the requirements for the Car Care Badge (Junior Scouts).
In this one hour activity at our garage, we will:
* Identify major parts under the hood/importance of changing fluids regularly
* Tire safety/tire pressure check
* Identify gauges and dials on dashboard and importance of each
* Safety/Emergency items to have on hand– getting car ready for summer or winter
* Job training/typical work day for an auto technician
* Technological advances/environmental concerns/recycling

We are happy to offer this as a FREE activity for Framingham troops.
Because of space limitation and the nature of the event we would request a limit of 20 people including chaperones.
Please contact me directly at 508-788-9149 or cell 617-257-0204. I look forward to hearing from you.
Paula Dimidis
Co-Owner Dimidis & Sons Auto Service and Girl Scout Parent Volunteer


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