Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Special Council Event: Theatre Workshop & Performance of Charlotte's Web by Wheelock Family Theatre on April 11

Girl Scouts of Eastern Massachusetts has partnered with Wheelock Family Theatre in Boston for a special performance of Charlotte's Web. E. B. White's inspired tale celebrates a friendship that transcends differences. First published in 1957, Charlotte’s Web is for all generations.
On Saturday, April 11, Brownie & Junior Girl Scouts are invited between 1:45-2:30, before the 3 p.m. performance, to participate in a drama workshop.
Think about character, place, and story. How does an actor choose a movement, a look, or a sound? How does a designer build a world onstage? Scouts will be introduced to the theatrical choices artists make when creating a performance, and this in turn will illuminate the performance they are about to see.
After the show, stay for a question and answer period with the cast and crew! (an additional 30 minutes)
NOTE: Leaders are required to attend with their troop; you can only bring the required Safety-Wise ratios of: 2 adults for the first 5 scouts, & 1 for each additional 5 scouts. First Aider is required.
Cost is $22 per Scout and $22 per leader/adult.
Cost of the ticket includes the pre-show, post Q&A, and the actual performance.
To register, visit:
C$22 (girl), $22 (adult)

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