Saturday, February 6, 2010

Animal Connections Daisy & Brownie Event at Heifer Learning Center at Overlook Farm in Rutlan on Sunday, March 7

Girl Scouts of Central & Western Massachusetts Council is offering an Animal Connection Program at the Heifer Learning Center at Overlook Farm in Rutland on Sunday, March 7 from 1 to 3 p.m.
Daisy & Brownie Scouts or Juliette Scouts in grades K-3 may register.
Registration is closing on Feb. 15 or when 15 Scouts are registered.
Registration fee is $15 per person.

PROGRAM DETAILS: Explore Overlook Farm’s Global Village and learn about the benefits of livestock animals to humans and the 7 M's: Milk, Manure, Meat, Material, Money, Motivation, and Muscle.
Learn through hands-on activities like spinning wool in Peru or milking a goat in Guatemala. Time permitting; we may also tour our other livestock facilities to see our many farm animals. Activities may vary with the size of the group and the season.
This program is a nice tie-in with your Animals and People of the World Try-Its.
Call for other dates and larger-group requests.
Visit to learn more about Heifer's mission.

Event #: 4671
To register contact Heifer Learning Center at 508-886-2221 or

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