Tuesday, March 23, 2010

White Water Rafting for Cadette, Senior, & Ambassador Scouts on Sunday, June 6

Paddle, Pole and Role program for Cadette, Senior, & Ambassador Scouts at Crab Apple White Water Rafting in Charlemont on Sunday, June 6 from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Juliette Scouts in grades 6-12 may also register.
PADDLE, POLE, & ROLE INTEREST PROJECT: This full-day program allows Girl Scouts to earn the Paddle Pole & Roll Interest Project using inflatable kayaks and professional instructors. The morning session includes instruction, on-water practice and relay races in the reservoir behind the base camp. The afternoon is spent paddling inflatable kayaks, "Funyaks" 8 miles down an easy stretch of the Deerfield River.
Follow-up work at home completes the IP requirements.
For Troops and individual Scouts. Troops should adhere to safety-wise rules. Individual Scouts must attend with an adult.
Event #4821
Registration cost is $55 per Scout and $55 per leader/adult.
Registration will end when 50 people have registered or on May 14.
To register: Contact Crab Apple at 800-553-RAFT and ask about the Paddle, Pole & Role program; for additional dates, current prices, information and reservations.

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